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Scales in scalemarket

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scales in scalemarket

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Mettler Toledo Scales
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Part Number  : MET HD
Capacities     : 100 lb, 250 lb, 500 lb, 1000 lb

Price from:

Part Number Capacities Platform/pan size Price
MET HD050* 100 lb 20"x20"
MET HD100 250 lb 20"x20"
MET HD250 500 lb 20"x20"
MET HD500 1000 lb 24"x24"
* HD050 utilizes an environmentally sealed load cell with protective potted compound

• Stainless steel hermetically sealead load cell offers highest protection.
• Analog Load Cell
•Approved for use in hazardous areas.


SHOWROOM: 6909 N.W. 77 Avenue
Miami, FL 33166

Model MET HD050* MET HD100 MET HD250 MET HD500
Capacity 100 lb 250 lb 500 lb 1000 lb
Division 0.02 lb 0.05 lb 0.1 lb 0.2 lb
Platform Size
20"x20" 20"x20" 20"x20" 24"x30"
Max.back weight 50 lb 125 lb 400 lb 900 lb
Construction Painted steel or 10% 304 stainless steel
Top platter Stainless steel platter standard/custom mounting plate optional
Shipping weight 140 lb 140 lb R 140 lb L 230 lb
* HD050 utilizes an environmentally sealed load cell with protective potted compound
Scales in scalemarket